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My soldered charm necklaces and bracelets have evolved over many years. I have always been a dreamer, and even as a kid growing up in Chicago I enjoyed the fast-paced, hip, chic, beautiful world in my mind. Some of my fondest memories are of being in my grandmother’s attic where she had her painting studio, admiring her collections of antique furniture, glass, and endless displays of little things. I loved being surrounded by all of her “stuff”!

As an adult I worked as a media planner and buyer at advertising agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area for about 20 years and also developed my passion for antiques and all things old. Over the years, I have collected unique trinkets and treasures that now serve as the basis for my jewelry designs. My acquired collection of old family keys and “little things” lead me to thinking that there must be a way to repurpose these things and tell a story at the same time. Thus evolved my hand-made soldered charms and found object jewelry.

I try to incorporate at least one “old” thing—and often many—into every piece I make. Each necklace or bracelet tells a story and shares its own past with the wearer. The foundation of my work is also soldered charms, which I create in my Arizona studio from photographs I have taken in my travels, or of friends and family, so that each piece is unique and personalized for the wearer. Much of my work is commissioned using photos and things that the owner gives me and we collaborate on the design.

If you have precious photos or memorabilia that you’d like to see remembered on a bracelet or necklace, please send me an email… I am sure we can create something very special and meaningful to you!

Since leaving the California Bay Area in 2004, I now enjoy traveling and drinking wine with my husband and friends in Tucson, creating special jewelry, and spending time with my three children… one in San Francisco, another in NY City, and my youngest who is in college near Chicago.

I hope you enjoy my site and are “charmed” enough to come back again and again! Thank you for being here.

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